You can do anything but not everything!

That's what it said on the postcard my lovely daughter sent me this week. I'm the one that always copes, always gets everything done, sorts everything out, I'm dependable and rarely flustered, I'm here to help! But this week things got on top of me a bit - and I actually admitted that I was finding it hard, with even a few tears. It brought home to me how none of us can really cope all the time, and we need to be able to reach out and accept support. Perhaps we're the ones giving support to other people, and we need to present a positive front, because others can't cope with us falling apart or being negative. Perhaps it also feels like failure if you admit you're finding things hard. Our self-concept can be so closely linked to being that dependable person, to not needing help, that it can be difficult to say that, actually, you feel a bit down right now. But it's ok to not be ok! During these unprecedented times, with the uncertainty of a pandemic, mental resilience is really important, and we can all help ourselves to build this up through mindfulness, exercise and walks with friends, which is why I offer personal training and walk and talk sessions. My personal training can be more than just exercise, because clients also have the opportunity to talk if there's anything on their mind. When I felt my positivity waver, I practised what I preach - I let myself have a bit of a cry, then I went out for a run to clear my head, and later I talked to my daughter about how I felt. And I'm pleased to say that it really worked! Life felt more in perspective again, and I could feel gratitude for the good things in my life.

Of course, you don't have to run! Going for a walk, and especially if it's with somebody that you can talk to, is a great boost to your mood. We're all allowed to reach out and ask for help, and there's a lot of support out there. One of the good things to come out of the current situation, is that there are so many people offering to help others through in so many different ways. And this giving and receiving of support is reciprocal - you may find that through seeking help, you're able to use your own experience to help others, because you have a deeper understanding of how you feel, why, and what you need. So yes - do believe that you can do anything, believe in yourself and reach for the stars! But - you can't do everything, and there are times when we all need to ask other people to help, and make use of the support that's out there.

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