It's the journey, not the destination - but it's nice to know you're heading in the right direction!

It seems that my plans are finally coming together, and I'm allowing myself to be quite excited! The premises for my new studio are finally starting to take shape. I've got long lists of other items to buy and things to do, but it's beginning to look more how I envisioned it, when I first thought of setting up Body and Mind Combined.

The talking area will feel really cosy, and will be sectioned off from the exercise area. There are a couple of lovely, velvety armchairs, so that clients can relax and feel comfortable to sit and talk about barriers to exercise, or everyday stresses and anxieties - in fact to talk about anything that it would help to share, with somebody empathic and non-judgemental, in a safe environment.

The gym area will have plenty of equipment for varied workouts - there's nothing worse than having to do the same workout every session! One of the most important things is enjoyment - if you don't enjoy your sessions you won't be motivated to keep going, so I like to mix things up, and keep it interesting. It's also important to make sure that exercises are challenging, but achievable - there's huge satisfaction in finding that you can actually do something that you thought you couldn't. It's a huge boost to your self-confidence and mental wellbeing. Clients can have whatever mix of talking and exercise feels right on the day - you don't have to talk, and you don't have to exercise, but I think it often helps to do a bit of each. Look after your body and you mind, and you'll feel happier and healthier, and hopefully closer to who and how you really want to be.

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