For a stress-free life, try exercise

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Studies show that exercise really does help us deal with stress! It does this in several different ways, partly through the chemicals released during exercise, partly because it gives us something else to think about to take us away from our problems for a while, and also because most of us get a feeling of wellbeing after we've exercise, even if not during it, because we feel better about ourselves. You get a feeling of achievement when you've finished a workout that challenges you - and I have to admit that you can feel quite smug when your friends tell you that they keep meaning to go to the gym, but don't get round to it, and you've just had a good session! But you don't have to be totally hardcore, either - any exercise is better than none, and once you start you'll definitely feel the benefits. And if you really can't get to the gym, at least try and fit a good brisk walk into your day. Getting out into the fresh air works wonders, which is why my Walk and Talk sessions are so good - a gentle or brisk walk to suit how you're feeling that day, plus the chance to chat about what's on your mind.

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