As a child I loved to be active, and spent most of my time running around, roller skating, skipping and climbing trees. Despite this, apart from being ok at hockey, I didn't excel at any sports at school - I certainly wasn't ever first choice when people picked their teams. Because of this, I didn't consider myself 'sporty', and wasn't a very confident child, being quite small and shy. 

My family had always done a lot of walking, and from my teenage years I discovered that if I was feeling low, going for a good long walk would always boost my mood. Being outdoors, with the sights and sounds of nature around me, lifted my spirits. This is something that still helps me now. 

I also discovered that although I wasn't 'sporty', I could still enjoy exercise such as running or going to the gym - although I wasn't too keen on large impersonal gyms, where it could feel quite intimidating. I preferred the personal touch, and with the help of a really good personal trainer, discovered that I did actually have some ability, and even more importantly, enjoyed my workouts!

In addition to finding exercise beneficial for my body and mind, I also experienced the benefits of talking therapy. When going through some difficult times in my life, I realised how much it helped to talk to somebody who really listened and was empathic and non-judgemental.

Through my personal journey, and through my studies, I've realised how important it is to look after our minds and bodies. A combination of exercise and talking to the right people really helps improve our physical and psychological wellbeing, and it's this knowledge that's led me to set up Body and Mind Combined, so that other people can experience those benefits.