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I'm passionate about physical and psychological health and wellbeing. I'm a qualified Personal Trainer, have a Foundation Degree in Therapeutic Counselling, and completed my Honours Degree with social science modules - my final assignment considered the sociology of running. I then followed that up with a Master's in Sport and Exercise Psychology - my dissertation looked at motivation, benefits and barriers of sport and exercise in university students. 

As a counsellor I have worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide range of issues, and from my own personal experience, and that of working with my clients, I understand the importance of being able to talk to somebody who is really listening, empathic and non-judgemental. 

I have always enjoyed working out at the gym, walking and running, and realised that the benefits weren't just physical - it's a way that I deal with the stresses of life, and I want to help other people experience those benefits as well.